Pier and Beam Foundation

In the 1940s, 50s and 60s, most central Texas homes were constructed with pier and beam foundations. The 1970s saw the arrival of concrete slab foundations, which eventually became the foundation of choice for most home builders… but pier and beam foundations are still prevalent in and around the Austin area, and often require leveling when foundation issues arise.

Less Stability, More Repair

A pier and beam foundation is one that has a crawl space. Unlike their concrete slab counterparts, pier and beam structures often have wood floors and sub-structures. The presence of wood creates a weakness – wood is typically very vulnerable to water damage, rotting, and damage from termites and hungry vermin… and once that damage occurs, the wood must be replaced, there’s no way around it.

It’s also common to see pier and beam girders and lumber that were undersized or improperly placed to begin with. This can cause sagging, dipping floors and major instability within a home.

Experienced Pier and Beam Professionals

At Foundation Repair of Austin, we know pier and beam. We’ve had years of experience fixing and leveling this type of foundation, and now we can bring that expertise right to your front door. Every one of our engineers and technicians is highly trained in his or her craft, stays up to date on structural requirements and the latest technological advances, and brings a huge base of knowledge with them when they come to your home.

They also bring the Foundation Repair of Austin commitment to quality work and customer service, and a solid guarantee to back it all up.

Safety First

At Foundation Repair of Austin, nothing is more important to us your safety and the safety of your home. We will perform all of our work with this one goal in mind, checking and double-checking each step along the way. Our professional staff members remain constantly focused on long term solutions for you and your family – we want to leave you with a safe, stable home that you can enjoy for many years to come, and we don’t take that commitment lightly!

Give our team a chance to help you make your home a safe, happy space for you and your family. We can get the job done quickly, efficiently and within your budget.

Make the Call

There is no better time than now to give us a call and schedule a consultation. The sooner you address your foundation issues, the sooner you can increase both the safety and the resale value of your home. So give us a call today!