House Leveling

Foundation issues can present themselves in many ways… cracked walls, cracked ceilings, problems with plumbing (such as backups and slow drainage), doors and windows that stick or simply don’t shut properly, sagging floors, and many others. If you’ve started noticing signs like these around your home, you could be looking at a much larger problem requiring extensive repair to your foundation and/or the leveling of your house.

The Causes

The settling and shifting of your foundation might be happening for a number of different reasons. Your home may have been built on soil that was expanding or contracting at the time, soils that were improperly compacted at the start. Or the earth around the structure may have been maintained improperly before the site was even conceived. The extreme weather of central Texas can also be to blame, with droughts and floods sucking moisture from the soil and creating instability.

Whatever the reasons, once a foundation becomes unstable, the safety and value of your home can become seriously compromised – and if that happens, you’ll need to do something, fast.

House Leveling

If your foundation needs to be leveled, you will have to be smart about the company you hire. House leveling is a highly technical process that requires a lot of skill, craftsmanship and know-how… so you’ll need to think long and hard before signing on the dotted line.

At Foundation Repair of Austin, we offer years of experience and a gentle hand to guide you through the process. We’ll help you understand the problems you’re having and explain the options available to you to deal with them. And when it’s time to level your home, we’ll make sure it’s done quickly, safely and within your budget.

Don’t Wait!

If you are experiencing foundation issues, it’s imperative that you deal with them now – the longer you wait, the worse they will get, and if you wait too long your home can become structurally unsound and even, in some cases, unlivable. You could already be looking at a large project… but however intimidating it might seem now, think about how much worse it will be when your home becomes unsafe.

Make Informed Decisions

Let the professional team at Foundation Repair of Austin come out and take a look. We will conduct a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home, checking for things like window and wall cracks, floors that sag, and patches of land around the home that seem to be uneven. We’ll explain our findings to you in a way you can understand, and prepare a course of action. We’ll walk you through every step of the process. We’ll even help you manage plumbing and drainage problems, too.

The Best in Austin

At Foundation Repair of Austin we offer long-term solutions that work. Our team is solid, experienced, and committed to your safety and satisfaction. We are prompt, courteous and knowledgeable – simply put, we’re the best team in Texas.  Let us show you why! Give us a call to schedule your consultation today!