About Us

Foundation Repair of Austin is a group of hardworking, dedicated professionals committed to providing the very best in customer service, while also providing structural integrity and safety for your home. Locally owned and operated, we service homes in and around the Austin Metropolitan area, offering evaluation, analysis and repair of foundation issues as they arise.

Trained, Experienced Professionals

Our team is comprised of the best, most experience professionals in the business. We hire smart and employ smarter, providing plenty of industry research, best practices and ongoing education and training opportunities for our staff members so they are always up to speed.

Our team members understand every aspect of a home’s foundation – design, construction, geotechnical and structural considerations… we can evaluate them all, giving you the very best in consultation, leveling and repair services.

Long Term Solutions

Every member of our team is conditioned to think about your home in in terms of its longevity – we are not quick-fix folks. We care deeply about the well-being of our customers in the long term, and we work hard to make sure we leave you with a home that will remain safe and structurally sound for many years to come.

Solid and Reputable Service

At Foundation Repair of Austin, we’ve worked on nearly every kind of foundation… creating a strong knowledge base as our own foundation, and building on that from the ground up. Over the years we’ve developed our own solutions for foundation issues like slab and block foundation, leak repair, wet basements and cracked foundations. Every job we’ve done has been delivered with the very best in customer service, and a guarantee of our work.

For this reason, much of our business comes from our strong word-of-mouth reputation – and we’re very proud of that. We are prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient; every customer we work with understands this and comes away knowing they’ve received the very best in service and repair. It’s a reputation that we strive for, and work hard every day to maintain.

Don’t Wait

If you’re finding signs of foundation issues around your home, don’t delay! Contact us to schedule your consultation today!